Every editor works a little bit differently. In all of my edits, I try to maintain a positive professionalism. I like to note strengths while encouraging the author use their best words to communicate the message.

Here’s what some of my clients think about my work.

“Carrie is an exceptional proofreader and editor who isn’t afraid to let you know what’s needed to make your content the best it can possibly be. We have a lot of subject matter expertise on the topic of the book, but not a lot of experience producing a professional-quality publication. This book will be markedly better due to her involvement and we look to continue working with Carrie on additional content moving forward.”

~Tom Gaydos, McFadyen Digital

“THANK YOU for the fabulous job you did on my book. Your edits were smart and thorough. You have an eagle eye! I really appreciate your work.”

~Eileen Grafton, Peterson Caterpillar Historian

“Carrie is one of the best and for IGS, always available. We work with the White House and often get in a crunch, but Carrie is ready and available and her work is EXCELLENT. She is our go-to in-house editor for sure. As a PR firm, we need a second set of eyes and she nails it every time.”

~ Towan Isom, Isom Global Strategies

“Carrie has an eagle eye for editing and will not only point out weaknesses in your story but will joyfully help you identify ways to fix it. I highly recommend Carrie’s editorial services.”

~ Alexis Goring

“Carrie helped my story be the very best it could be. Not only is she a highly skilled editor and eagle-eyed proofreader, but her working style is friendly and collaborative as well. I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

~ Jennifer Lamont Leo