I’m ready for my closeup

I had an EEG last week. What a trip!

All an EEG does is record your brain’s electrical activity. Basically they connect all these little metal dots to your head and watch your brain go. I just laid there comfortably and chatted with the EEG tech as she took  about 30 minutes to measure specific points on my scalp, cleaned each spot with a bit of scrubby paste, put a dot of gel on the metal lead, and taped the lead to my scalp.

Once I was completely outfitted in my rainbow ponytail, the test began with a couple of base questions (name, place, and such). She then placed a strobe light a few inches from my face, turned out the house lights, and told me to keep my eyes closed. The strobe flashed slowly at first, sped up, and then moved side to side. Even with my eyes closed, this was very disturbing. Like a Pink Floyd video. (I suspect it would have been much more fun if I had smoked ahead of time.)

Next I was told to breath heavily for three minutes, hyperventilate on purpose. As I laid there huffing and puffing vigorously, she was kind enough to give me markers. “That was one minute. You made it to the halfway point. 10, 9, 8….” Seriously, people. That was the longest three minutes of my life. Hyperventilating on purpose is really hard work!

At that point, the nice young lady informed me the point of those two experiences had been to try to trigger a seizure. Wait, what?! I’m trying to avoid seizures and she’s trying trigger them? Ok, I guess it makes sense. If they really want to find out what’s wrong with my brain, I guess they have to see it go wrong.

But having passed (or failed) the first two portions of the test, I was rewarded with the good part. I was told to sleep only midnight to 4am the night before the test so they could record me sleeping. Folks, I slept like a champ! After about one minute of being given permission, I was out cold. I only got to sleep for about 20 minutes before she woke me, but I did a really great job of it.

I also wisely took the rest of the day off work so I could go home and sleep the day away. Yeah, I was awesome at that too!

Best news of all, later that afternoon, my doctor’s office called to say my brain waves are perfectly normal. Don’t know if that means I don’t have a seizure disorder or if my brain was just good on that day. I go back to the neurologist next week so I’ll ask that, but at least last Tuesday was a good day. I’ll take it!

Thanks God for one good day at a time.


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