On Insurance and Medicines

This is by no means a political commentary, but I’m getting an up close view of my insurance plan. We have copays for prescriptions but not appointments with doctors. We also have a deductible of $5000 per person.

The good news is that my husband’s company has also provided a deductible recovery plan. As we rack up (and pay) the bills being applied to our deductible, the deductible recovery company pays us back … after the first $700.

This plan makes visits to the doctor for simple things cost prohibitive. For $150, I’ll suffer through the flu. But when the wiring in my brain goes nuts, the insurance starts to work in my favor.

Got the bill for my MRI. I would’ve choked on the $944, but I met my portion of the deductible during that afternoon nap! With four doctor appointments and an EEG already on the calendar, knowing all those bills will be covered gives me great peace.

And if you’re wondering what happened with the neuropathy, here’s a quick update. The gabapentin helped calm the nerves tremendously, but made me sleepy and blurred my vision — unacceptable side effects for an editor, so I stopped taking it after two days.

I’m not sure if the steroid helped the nerve pain at all, but it did make a bumpy section of skin on my shoulders smooth right out. I’m adding this to my growing list of weird. But overall, I’m feeling much better, and I appreciate all the prayers and well wishes.

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