What’s going right?

So much of my life these days seems to revolve around all the many things that are wrong with me, and I’m tired of it.

The list of my odd symptoms is lengthy and growing by the minute. But as long as I don’t die (no immediate plans), I’ll have plenty of time to regale you with humorous tales of my particular brand of quirky.

So today, I want to focus on the good things. Here are a few highlights.

I’m married to Mr. Wonderful. Seriously, girls, I know you’re all jealous. My husband loves to make me laugh, he’s always there to hold me up when I literally can’t do it myself, and never complains about putting away laundry. And to top it all off, he makes a mean meatloaf!

My kids are amazing. They’re always willing to help out someone in need. That person is frequently me, but they also jump in to help their grandparents or friends or neighbors or strangers. And all three are also talented musicians.

I have an awesome tribe. I’m surrounded by people who have volunteered to drive me and my kids places, since I can’t drive for six months. My mom helps with cooking and grocery shopping. Strangers hold doors open when I’m on my cane.

My doctor is fantastic. Over the past decade, I’ve presented him with more than a few big hairy puzzles when I’ve described my symptoms. He’s honest enough to tell me he doesn’t know the answer, but he’s never once laughed or said I’m crazy (even if I think I might be).

As a freelancer, I’m blessed to be able to work at home on a semi flexible schedule to accommodate naps as needed. While the freelancer workload is generally feast or famine, I’ve been very fortunate since the first of the year to have two clients who steadily give me work and display great faith in my abilities.

I have a very big God who loves me. On July 25, 2008, God told me clearly that we were going to go through something very hard and it would take a long time, but he would be with me every step of the way. True to his word, this road has been very long and getting harder all the time, but he has not abandoned me. He sends my family and friends to take care of me. He provides for my every need. And he gives me peace and joy in times when the world tells me I shouldn’t have any.

So there it is. A short list of what’s going right.

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