Pillow Talk

I’ve been on a mission this year to find the perfect pillow. This may sound ridiculous to the heavy sleepers out there—my husband has no idea what my problem is—but I’m a very light sleeper and the tiniest discomfort wakes me up. Never mind the great big discomforts like a kinked up neck or a migraine.

For about 20 years, I’ve used a feather pillow that I’ve loved. I know the chiropractors are rolling their eyes right now, but it really has been a good pillow. I fluff it just right and make sure it supports my neck and shoulders. Last winter I decided that my beloved feather pillow had served me well but was due to retire, so I set about finding a replacement.

I’m sure many people go to any store, buy any pillow, and sleep happily ever after. Of course, my story is different, or I wouldn’t be wasting your time.

I frequently get migraines in the middle of the night, particularly if I forget to eat a snack before bed, as low blood sugar is my only food-related trigger. Another reason is that one of my largest triggers is changing weather. As temps drop overnight, things like barometric pressure change and you wake up to rain or fog. (Where I live in Eastern Washington, we also get convective afternoon storms in spring, but I’ll tell you how much I hate those in about 6 months.)

Anyway, when I have a migraine, my pillow feels like granite. So, I needed to find a pillow that is very soft but will continue to provide adequate support for my neck and shoulders. Memory foam was too dense and folded my neck up. Poly-fil didn’t form around my neck.

Finally, I landed on My Pillow. Have you tried it? It’s filled with chunks of memory foam so you get the support, but it still forms to your head and neck shape. On the website you enter your height, weight, and a few details about how you sleep and then it tells you which of their pillows you need. My husband got the firmest, I got the softest. I’ve been very happy.

Well, mostly happy. Ok, I’ve been kind of happy … -ish. Because while My Pillow is just the right softness and very supportive, it pushes on the back of my neck and I wake up kinked and uncomfortable after a couple hours.

The benefit is that I have lots of time to pray in the middle of the night, but I’m always praying for sleep. I’m guessing God gets tired of hearing me whine all the time.

So last night, I pulled out my trusty feather pillow and slept 7 hours without waking up! I mean no disrespect to My Pillow; it’s a fine product. But I never should have strayed.

If you have a favorite pillow that has supported you through the years, hug your pillow tonight and tell it how much you love it!

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